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Is this your first time on a psychedelic trip? Is your trip not going too well? Don’t panic! The Trip Stopper is here to minimise the effects of a bad trip.
The dextrose in the white capsules helps reduce the effects of the trip while the valerian in the dark capsules helps you relax for a smooth descent.
The idea behind the Trip Stopper is that just having it on hand can make you feel more relaxed and enjoy the journey.

Take the 2 white capsules (maltodextrin) to mitigate the effects of the trip.
Take the 2 dark capsules (valerian) to relax.
Try eating something salty.
Keep calm, try to breathe slowly and don’t panic. Keep in mind that the bad feeling will soon pass; it is only a matter of time.
Each pack contains 4 capsules: 2 capsules of maltodextrin and 2 capsules of valerian.

500 mg of maltodextrin
500 mg of valerian


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