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Mango Haze Natural is a variety of light cannabis with a unique and surprising flavor and aroma.
Its medium-sized flowers have an intense green hue and are embellished with orange pistils. Grown using the greenhouse method, Mango Haze Natural benefits from the protection of greenhouses, the outdoors and sunlight, making it a great choice for those looking for an environmentally friendly cannabis high quality. All crops are GMO-free and respect the environment thanks to sustainable organic farming techniques.
The aroma of Mango Haze Natural is sweet and delicate, with fruity notes of mango and papaya that will conquer the most refined palates. But that’s not all: this variety also has strong hints of cheese, which make it unique and intriguing for those looking for intense and surprising flavours.
< strong>Mango Haze Natural has a relaxing effect on the body and a stimulating effect on the mind, perfect for a moment of relaxation and unwinding after a long day. Thanks to its high quality and fine aromas, Mango Haze Natural is the ideal choice for the most demanding light cannabis consumers who are watchful of their wallets.
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