SOLLDOLL – Warming Gel with CBD for muscle and joint pain


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Strong warming effect Natural Gel with 10% Arnica, 5% Devil’s Claw and CBD (1000 mg of Cannabidiol). Hemp cream with pain relieving and anti-inflammatory action. Highly effective against muscle and joint pain, back pain, neck, knee, sprains. It penetrates effectively in depth, developing a pleasant sensation of warmth on the skin in the treated areas.



Contains pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory components of natural origin such as 1000 mg high concentration cannabidiol, Hemp Oil, Arnica Extract, Devil’s Claw Extract, Hop Extract, Black Currant Extract. Its active substances penetrate quickly through the skin guaranteeing its immediate effect.

Cannabidiol is known for its regenerating, anti-inflammatory, pain relieving properties of muscles and joints. It acts on inflammatory muscle and joint problems, rapidly improving mobility.

Hemp Oil: Thanks to the presence of essential fatty acids and active ingredients make it a natural antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulating remedy.


Pure Arnica Montana extract: with anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving action thanks to the presence of sesquiterpenic lactones. It reduces swelling, protects capillaries and relieves pain caused by strains or contractures.

Gel formulated with natural pain relieving and anti-inflammatory ingredients. The high concentration in CBD works together with the intensive warming effect and the high concentration of the pure extract of Arnica and Devil’s Claw which act in synergy as muscle and / or joint relaxants, immediately relieving and improving the treated area. Cosmetic formula specifically designed to take care of muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments, ideal to be used even before and after physical exercise and for pain caused by rheumatism and arthritis. Promotes the healing of acute or chronic ailments.

Pure Devil’s Claw Extract: thanks to the presence of particular molecules, Harpagosides is particularly suitable for osteo-articular problems and muscle inflammation.

Pure Hop Extract: natural muscle relaxant possesses sedative and relaxing activities.



Our cream is formulated and produced in Italy following the highest GMP quality standards.

Warming gel characterized by a light texture and quickly assimilated by the skin. Immediate action and rapid absorption, non-greasy, pleasant lavender scent.

1000 mg CBD
10% Arnica
5% Devil’s Claw

100 ml and 3.38 fl. oz.


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