Blue Lotus Extract 10:1 – 1g


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Blue Lotus Nymphaea Caerulea Extract 10x is 10 times more concentrated than dried blue lotus flowers. Blue Lotus flowers have sedative, relaxing and euphoric effects. The blue lotus was a sacred plant to the ancient Egyptians. Also called dream flower in ancient Egypt as it induces lucid dreams, it grew only in the Nile delta, an exclusive that led to its decline, to the point of disappearance. Thanks to seed traders and its rediscovery, it is now grown all over the world by professionals and amateurs alike.

Increase your awareness: you will live the moment more intensely.
Lotus is used to induce lucid dreams, it makes dreams more vivid and controllable. It can also be used as an aphrodisiac.


You can vaporize this blue lotus extract or use it to make tea. Use 0.25 grams per person and soak in hot water. Add honey to taste.
To consume Blue Lotus like the ancient Egyptians, soak 0.25 grams of the extract in a bottle of wine for a few hours. Don’t use too much! The Blue Lotus will make the wine bitter and unpleasant to drink.


The blue lotus, or blue water lily, scientifically known as Nymphaea Caerulea, is native to the Nile area and other parts of East Africa. The plant belongs to the Nymphaeaceae family of water lilies. The blue lotus was considered a sacred plant by the ancient Egyptians. It is depicted in many stone sculptures, paintings and pyramid temples. It is shown in festive scenes or in connection with ritual dances. The blue lotus is central to Egyptian mythology, as it symbolizes the sun. The flower closes its petals during the dark night and opens again after the sunrise. There is a story in Heliopolis (“city of the sun”) that the world originated with Ra (the sun god) emerging from a lily and returning there each night creating night.


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